2022 Mascot Hall of Fame Awards Meet the Major League Winners!

Winner - Major League Greatest Community Impact

A program within the organization’s community that is spearheaded by the team or school’s mascot which directly benefits the community. The program can be any type of effort which helps with specific needs within the community; Educational, fighting hunger, public safety, etc.

Boston Red Sox - MLB

“Wally’s Making Books Come Alive” is his official community literacy program, however, Wally visits dozens of locals schools, hospitals, and special community events throughout the year as entertainment and support.

Wally loves to read and the one thing he loves more is sharing that with his friends at schools across New England. He started the program years before COVID, but when the world went digital and remote, that didn’t stop Wally. He started zooming with schools and kept the performances going. Wally’s “Making Books Come Alive” is a special presentation where Wally joins his friend, Big League Brian, for a fun, fast-paced, and interactive reading experience that can be tailored to a classroom or an entire theater or gymnasium for an entire school!

Winner - Major League Best In-Game Routine or Skit

An in-game routine or skit that the mascot performs during the sporting event for the team or school. It could be a single routine/skit or a series of the same routine/skit that is performed all season long.

Blooper, Bloopy, Big Cats Dad, Mayor of Cincinnati, Philanthropist Bloopy, he goes by many names. He brings smiles and laughter not only at the ballpark but also as a dominating presence on social media platforms. His pre game shenanigans are 1 in a Million.

He went from one of the most hated mascots of all time at the time of his reveal to one of the most beloved in a span of 3 years.

Winner - Major League Best Video Short

A produced video featuring the mascot. This video could be used online, on social, or at a live event. Videos should be judged on originality, creativity, and entertainment value. Does not have to be sport related.

Philadelphia Phillies - MLB

The Phanatic Saves the 4th!

This movie was shown at the ballpark before our annual fireworks show and represents an effective collaboration between the Phillies video department and the Phillie Phanatic. We joined together to develop the storyline, scout the locations around the city and schedule the shoot. We hired an outside film crew to shoot the movie and we edited it in-house. The film was a perfect set-up to the on-field light show which led to the launch of the fireworks show. The fans reacted and cheered at all the right moments in the film and when the film faded to black and the Phanatic entered the field to beat the villains and touch home plate with the bat, the crowd went wild.

The movie got wonderful press coverage and was a big hit on social media. After 50 years of post game firework shows, it's a great accomplishment to come up with something fresh and new that made this Fourth of July tradition one to remember!

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