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Affordable, entertaining, educational family-fun! 

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So Much To Do and Explore!

Shoot a T-Shirt Cannon

Practice your aim as you shoot t-shirts into a cheering crowd!

Meet Mascots

Meet our mascot Reggy! Other special guest mascots may also be around to give you a hug!

Build a Build-a-Bear®

We have a Build-a-Bear® Workshop right inside the Mascot Hall of Fame! Featuring classics and mascot favorites.

Audition to be a Mascot

Pick a costume, stand in front of the greenscreen and show off your moves! Then email your audition tape to a friend!

Build a Mascot

Piece together parts to form your own unique mascot!

Learn About the Mascots

Learn about the mascots that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame at our interactive displays.

Climb, Slide and Play

Kids can enjoy our indoor playground!

Work on Your Mascot Skills

Do you have what it takes to be a mascot? How about trying to use a pen or a water bottle while wearing oversized gloves with 4 fingers? Try it!

Dance Like a Mascot

Try on a mascot weight vest and see if you can follow along with Reggie to do a mascot dance!

Try the Mascot Maker

This amazing machine shows you just how mascot costumes are made!

Eat Yummy Snacks

There is lots of delicious and fun food to eat at Wacky Snacks!

Shoot Some Hoops

The most fun basketball court around!

Design a Mascot

Design your own mascot using our interactive displays!

Watch Mascot Moments

Visit our theater to watch some famous and fun mascot moments!

Become a Mascot

Stand in front of the camera and use the interactive kiosk to turn yourself into a mascot!

Play Games

Lots of fun, interactive games that are fun for all ages!


Parents can sit back and relax in our Parent Penalty Box while kids play!

Go Inside a Mascot

Walk right inside a giant Reggie and learn how mascots stay cool.

Meet Reggy!

Meet Reggy!

Hi! I'm Reggy, Official Mascot of the Mascot Hall of Fame. I can't wait to welcome you to my home in Whiting, Indiana! You will learn all about my fellow mascot friends, what it takes to be a mascot, how mascots are made, and can even become a mascot yourself! Be sure to come give me a hug or a high five when you visit!

Get Involved

Through a one of a kind children’s museum learning environment that is equally rooted in S.T.E.A.M. educational principles and sport mascot entertainment, it is our mission to educate, spark creativity, promote fun and engage in our communities while honoring our Mascot Hall of Fame Inductees.

Achieving our mission as a non-profit organization requires the support of people like YOU!

The City of Whiting is located on the south shore of Lake Michigan, with scenic lakefront views of downtown Chicago. Midway Airport, the South Side of Chicago, and Downtown Chicago are all located within a 30-minute drive of Whiting. For more information about the City of Whiting, please visit WhitingIndiana.com.