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Team: University of Nevada, Reno


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Wolf Pack Mascots (We will be adding both Wolfie Jr. & Luna shortly)

Alphie, Wolfie Jr. and Luna represent the Wolf Pack at all of Nevada’s sporting events. Nevada’s furry mascots also represent the Wolf Pack at events throughout the community all season.

Alphie is the oldest of the Pack, joining the Wolf Pack in 2001. Fans were very excited about his arrival and had a vote to his name. They settled on Alphie because he is the Alpha of Nevada’s Wolf Pack. One of his bucket list dreams came true in 2005 when he was featured on CBS’ “One Shining Moment” after the 2005 national championship game. Alphie can be seen comforting his friend and former Wolf Pack standout Jermaine Washington at the 1:39 mark in the video.

Alphie was joined on the sidelines by his younger brother, Wolfie Jr., in 2007. One of the proudest moments in Wolf Pack history came when Wolfie Jr. won the Capital One Mascot Challenge in 2012. It was announced that Wolfie had beaten out Buzz from Georgia Tech at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando and win $20,000 for the Nevada spirit program. Fans cast more than 45 million votes in the Capital One Mascot Challenge that year.

The Wolf Pack grew by one more when little sister, Luna, joined the group in 2013, giving Nevada three lovable mascots to cheer on all of the Wolf Pack’s teams.