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Buzz is a fixture of Georgia Tech and collegiate athletics. The idea of Buzz began in 1972 when Judi McNair constructed a Yellow Jacket costume, and in 1980, Buzz was made the official Georgia Tech mascot after Richie Bland ran onto the football field (without permission) during a pep rally. Since then, Buzz has been portrayed by dozens of students, and he remains an official student-athlete and member of the Georgia Tech cheer team. Buzz is an essential member of the Georgia Tech community for promoting school spirit, spreading positivity, and representing Georgia Tech to a national audience.

Buzz is athletic and fearless. From climbing over the stadium, stealing concessions, or crowd surfing, Buzz can do anything. Buzz is mischievous and likes to pull pranks, but he is extremely dedicated to his fans. He always stops for a photo, and he’s constantly giving high fives, fist bumps, and hugs. He loves to dance and is known for his signature stinger shaking. Buzz is full of energy and never stops moving.

Buzz attends all campus sporting events and is central to many gameday traditions including conducting the band at every ¾ mark in a game, beginning pregame activities with a suicide front flip, and performing skits throughout gameday. Outside of athletics, Buzz is a very active member of the Georgia Tech community. Each year, Buzz attends around 300 events on and off campus in addition to GT athletics events. These include campus engagement events, alumni galas, corporate mixers, and charity events. Every April, Buzz competes in Daytona Beach, Florida in the National Cheerleading Association’s mascot division (where he placed first this 2023 season).

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* On the 2023 Mascot Hall of Fame ballot.