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Green Terror

Team: McDaniel College

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The Green Terror made his first appearance in the October 15, 1923 edition of Western
Maryland monthly. The article recounts a WMC football game where the 11 players on the field that day are called “green terrors.”

Some say that then-Coach D.K. Shroyer coined the term “Terror” to boost the morale of his players after a loss. Others claim that a reporter described the team as “terrors” after a victory.

Whatever the origin of the Green Terror, the name has come to represent the spirit of the College community both on and off the athletic field. The Green Terror has seen several incarnations but currently reigns as the symbol of the deep-rooted commitment to excellence and perseverance found on the Hill.

In 2016, it was clear that the mascot costume was in need of replacement. More than 700 alumni, students, faculty and staff responded to our survey asking what exactly was the Green Terror? With that feedback, and through the generous gifts of dozens of alumni, friends and students, the Green Terror mascot received its makeover.