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Ice D

Icy D. Eagle

Team: Fort Wayne Komets

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The Komets are pleased to announce that mascot Icy D. Eagle (EYE-cee EE-guhl) has agreed to terms and will resume his position of “Face of the Franchise” for the 2023-24 ECHL season.

Eagle, 31, hails from Salt Lake City, Utah and was the Komets’ first pick in the 1994 Minor League Mascot Dispersal Draft, and that draft’s first pick overall.

Icy began his career in Utah with the Salt Lake City Golden Eagles for the 1993-94 season, making his first appearance in Fort Wayne at the 1994 IHL All-Star game. The eagle mascot migrated to Fort Wayne in the fall of 1994 and has made the Summit City his permanent nesting grounds.

Icy is widely recognized as minor league sports and entertainment’s premier mascot and was a widely sought-after free agent after concluding his 29th season with the Komets in 2022-23.

Per the Komets team policy relating to all contracts involving six-and-one-half-foot tall giant eagles, terms of the deal are not disclosed.

Ice D