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Jacker the Bear

Team: Triple Crown Sports

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Jacker The Bear first appeared in the company’s adult slowpitch softball promotional push back in the 1980’s as a fearsome muscle-bound home-run hitting machine. Originally a cartoon drawing perfectly built to “jack” the ball over the fence, he continued to bulk up as the health-and-fitness boom captured the imagination in the 1990’s.

After stepping away and enjoying decades of peaceful hibernation in the Colorado mountains, Jacker returned in 2023 to promote multiple TCS events in our youth baseball and softball divisions. He has been the featured talent in multiple videos produced by TCS, adding his somewhat pushy but humorously lovable personality to the mix of people in the office. An immediate hit with customers upon his return, Jacker then hit the road and appeared at events around the country, adding his spark and flair to TCS’ festival and convergence moments in Omaha (the 650-team SlumpBuster youth baseball event) and Denver (the 1,100-team Colorado 4th of July softball event), among other locations.

Jacker reflects Triple Crown’s energy and passion to connect with clients and helps us prioritize the sense of fun that is still a priority at events, even as intense competition is a fact of life in youth athletics. His videos also connect people to the human element found at Triple Crown Sports, allowing us to laugh at ourselves and with others as we go about our daily tasks.

JackerTheBear TripleCrown