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Olly the Otter

Team: Kid's Day of Lexington

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Olly Otter is the official mascot of Kid’s Day of Lexington, a non profit that exists to educate families on issues surrounding health, safety, and environmental awareness with lots of love and laughter!

Olly oversees Kid’s Day of Lexington’s program; Meaningful Play. Through play, Olly motivates and aids in his Warriors healing! Olly’s Warriors are children who are battling cancer or other serious, long-term illnesses. Olly visits them at their homes whenever they need a pick me up and hosts 4 major holiday events. Through short Ollygrams or longer Heal-Through-Play dates, Olly brings much needed laughter and joy to motivate them to keep battling hard and heal their mind, heart, and spirits! The events form a community of support and play among the families. Meaningful Play is 3 years old and currently serves over 60 families.

This past year we’ve made an impact on these families in multiple ways. What we hear most from parents is, “we haven’t seen our child this active in a long time!” Olly has provided a lot of happiness in these families’ darkest times, celebrations at mile stones or bell ringings, and motivation to be a strong Warrior.

Annotation 2023 03 22 222655