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Punter 2023


Team: Edmonton Elks

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Punter was born in May 2004 as a result of a manufacturer’s error at the Wilson football factory in Ada, Ohio. The workers skipped a decimal point and a giant football was created! Punter knew his dreams of becoming the biggest ball in town were oversized for the small town of Ada and the tiny fields of American football. He needed a gridiron and stadium that fit his inflated size. The CFL was the perfect fit, so he decided to ride the rails to the biggest and best stadium in the league, Commonwealth Stadium. Ever since he stepped onto the turf for the first time, Punter knew he was at home.

Since becoming mascot of the Edmonton Elks, Punter has cheered the team on to Grey Cup championships in 2005 and 2015. He has attended Grey Cup festivals across Canada, and welcomed football fans from around the world to Commonwealth Stadium for the 2010 and 2018 Grey Cup games.

Heading into his 20th season, Punter is the longest-tenured professional sports mascot in Edmonton. Since his introduction in 2004, he has been an energetic and entertaining presence on the sidelines for more than 180 Elks home games.

** Appeared on the 2023 Ballot

Punter 2023