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Seymour d’Campus

Team: University of Southern Mississippi

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In 1972, alumni, faculty, students and staff were asked to submit new names for the athletic teams, and an ad hoc committee appointed by the Alumni Association voted on the submissions. Our present mascot, the Golden Eagles, was chosen as the athletic team’s name, and the new mascot was Seymour, an individual in a Golden Eagle costume. Several students usually share the responsibility of portraying Seymour. Golden Eagles was chosen over Raiders, War Lords, Timber Wolves and Southerners.

Seymr’s full name is Seymou’Campus. The name was inspired by the 1984 World’s Fair mascot, Seymour d’Fair, who was played by former Southern Miss mascot Jeff Davis ’83.

The first live Golden Eagle mascot, Nugget, was obtained in 1980 and in 1986, was replaced by Nugget II. Nugget II died in 1992. However, Seymour continues to entertain fans at Golden Eagles athletic events.