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Team: Stockton Ports

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Ever since Splash was a young fur ball, this big-boned, big-bellied, bundle of fun has enjoyed being the center of attention.

We do know that Splash is full of fun, mayhem and has a pure love for taunting the visiting team, but we don’t know when he was born.

Splash’s electric red fur sticks out in crowds and he likes to “splash” about in the Deep Water Channel and scarf down the Deep Fried Asparagus at Banner Island Ballpark.

Splash enjoys stealing your food when you are not looking, welcoming young fans into the ballpark and leading the cheers for Stockton’s team. Splash is always ready for practical jokes and always has a few helpful tips for the umpires.

Splash joined the Stockton Ports in 2005 and has been having loads of fun ever since! Kids, be sure to stop by and say “Hi!” to Splash when you come to Banner Island Ballpark. Splash loves to make new friends!