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Team: Florida Fire Frogs

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Striker served as the mascot for the Florida Fire Frogs, an MiLB affiliate of the Atlanta Braves located in Central Florida, since 2017 and was known for his crazy antics around the ballpark. He still brags about being titled “The Most Seductive MiLB Mascot” by Benjamin Hill.

“Central Florida’s favorite amphibian, ” despite the team disbanding in 2020, hops in and out of retirement by appearing at multiple events with his mascot buddies across Florida and around the country. When he’s not napping, he’s posting on his Twitter @StrikerFireFrog.

From break-dancing on the dugout, performing his signature booty shake at the opposing team, hopping and tumbling around the stadium, and eating anything in sight (including hot dogs, popcorn, hats, and fans heads), Striker has entertained thousands at home games and community appearances in the Orlando area.

Formerly in the Florida State League