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Nd Hawks

The Fighting Hawk

Team: University of North Dakota

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A recent arrival to our Grand Forks campus has North Dakota school spirit soaring sky high. Our Fighting Hawk was migrating north when it spied the perfect perch on top of The Ralph. Scanning the locale, the bright green hawk was instantly impressed by the determination and resiliency of University of North Dakota students and athletic teams. Raptors use that same intense determination when stalking their prey and so The Fighting Hawk developed an instant bond with everything North Dakota and forever pledging lifelong loyalty to our alma mater.

Just like the North Dakota faithful, this is one tough and hard-working bird who is ready to continue building our championship legacy here at North Dakota. So, whether on the ice, court, track or field. The Fighting Hawk is prepared to cheer our student-athletes onto victory and see to it that we soar above each and every opponent!

The University of North Dakota also participates in the Missouri Valley Football Conference and the National Collegiate Hockey Conference.

Nd Hawks