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Topper the Goat

Team: St. Edward's University

Mascot Type:

The Goat, The Myth, The Legend

Topper the Goat has served as the mascot of St. Edward’s University for more years than many can count. Certainly more than Topper can count on his cloven hooves. Over the years he has cheered the Hilltoppers to victories and championships, toured the streets of South Congress in Austin, Texas, and has become the most beloved mountain goat in all the Hill Country. As a champion for the university and the city, Topper has always vowed to honor any public appearance request that his schedule allows (see link above), and throughout the school year you can find him at the fields, courts or around campus at many of St. Edward’s student-life events. Indeed, Topper the mascot is one-of-a-kind and has yet to be matched.