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Willie Hofstra

Team: Hofstra University

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Willie Hofstra is the man behind the school. He is the ultimate hype man and will never pass on an opportunity to travel to the Basketball CAA’s. He is named after one of the founders of Hofstra University. Willie is part of the dynamic duo with his wife Kate Hofstra. They won Spirit Support group of the year in 2019 at the Hofspys- which is our athletic award diner. He is always wearing his basketball jersey and shorts, but likes to dress up on certain occasions. Willie is fun spirited, animated, talented and is the big man on campus here at Hofstra. He loves to dunk basketballs, be silly, dance with Kate and gives the best high-fives! Willie is great with kids and loves giving hugs and fist- bumps too. He always has a smile on his face and likes to take longs walks with Kate while they hold hands. Willie is super-spirited and never fails to make people happy!