Mascot Hall of Fame 2023 Award Winners!

Greatest Community Impact Award Winners

A program within the organization’s community that is spearheaded by the team or school’s mascot which directly benefits the community. The program can be any type of effort which helps with specific needs within the community; Educational, fighting hunger, public safety, etc.

Blue - Indianapolis Colts - NFL

21 Days of Kindness

21 Days of Kindness is an initiative started by Blue and Vice Chairman/Owner Kalen Jackson (Irsay) that is partnered with the teams mental health initiative “Kicking the Stigma”. The point of 21 Days of Kindness is to bring positivity to those in our community and show them that you are stronger than your darkest days.

Blue did things as big as surprising a Riley Children’s Hospital patient with a Monster Truck/tickets to a show to giving out free hugs downtown. Both of which can have a huge impact on someone's life.

Hornsby - Tulsa Drillers (MiLB)

Hornsby’s Bully Busters Club

Since 2016, Hornsby and the Tulsa Drillers have partnered with the Tulsa Health Department to present the Bully Buster Club. A club for all students in kindergarten to 2nd grade to stop bullies. A representative from both the Tulsa Drillers and the Tulsa Health Department engages with the kids giving them the knowledge of the 5 steps to be a bully buster while Hornsby acts out the 5 steps as well as providing the entertainment for the kids.

The 5 steps to be a bully buster are:

      1. Say STOP
      2. Walk Away
      3. Ignore
      4. Avoid/Stay Away
      5. Report

During the 2022-2023 school year, Hornsby welcomed over 9,500 students into his Bully Buster Club. His in-person assemblies were preformed in 36 different schools across 8 school districts in Tulsa County. Other schools (outside Tulsa County or with scheduling issues) were able to utilize a digital video version of the program in either English or Spanish. The videos were originally distributed to schools during the COVID remote learning adjustment.

This program is an important part of the Tulsa community because it helps prevent bullying. It’s been used as a resource for the Anti-Bullying Collaboration in Tulsa and every season, Hornsby hosts an Anti-Bullying Field Trip Game with the Tulsa Drillers. As Hornsby repeats the 5 steps over and over with the kids, the kids start to remember them. Many times, Hornsby has been in the community engaging with fans and kids will talk about how he was at their school and they remember the 5 steps. As the Tulsa Drillers (speaking) representative, Taylor feels that this program is incredibly important because while he was bullied as a kid, he had a friend in Hornsby. Now he gets to help his friend Hornsby inspire the next generation to be friends with each other.

Together we can make a difference, together we can all be Bully Busters.

The Mountaineer - West Virginia University

What makes the Mountaineer Mascot unique compared to other mascots is each and every appearance, outside of athletic functions, serves as a way for the Mountaineer to give back to our community and state. The Mountaineer attends various golf tournaments to help raise funds for college scholarships for deserving students. The Mountaineer attends The National Crab Feast, Mountaineer Parents Club functions, and various alumni activities, all while serving others.

In keeping with the mission of West Virginia University as a land-grant institution, our Mountaineer commits to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that advances education, healthcare, and prosperity by visiting and engaging with children in schools across rural West Virginia that may have never been to a WVU sporting event or seen our flagship university mascot. One highlighted program, among many, is the Mountaineer Mascot Blood Drive Program, implemented in 2019 as a means to give back to our community. What better way to give back to your community than by helping to save lives? These blood drives, in partnership with the American Red Cross, involve the Mountaineer advertising the event through his social media platforms. The Mountaineer also attends each blood drive to thank the donors and donate blood himself. The Mountaineer hosts three blood drives annually, helping to collect hundreds of units of blood and ultimately helping to save hundreds of lives in our community. To date, our Mountaineer Mascot Program has held 20 blood drives since 2019, collected 774 pints of blood, and ultimately saved 2,322 lives through our efforts.

If one were to condense this legacy of service into a single vision, the Mountaineer has come to symbolize serving not only the West Virginia University community, the Morgantown community, but also the entire state of West Virginia and its people. The Mountaineer Mascot's unique personality shines as he carries on his responsibilities. For other schools, the person becomes the mascot; at WVU, the mascot is the person.

Dugout - Little League International

Dugout is the official mascot of Little League Baseball and Softball and can be found wandering the complex each year during the Little League Baseball World Series to bring smiles to the faces of fans of every age. A fan favorite, Dugout is more than just a mascot, but is a symbol of the values of Little League Baseball and Softball. It represents the fun, sportsmanship, and community that are at the heart of the game. Dugout is a role model for Little Leaguers everywhere, and it teaches them the importance of hard work, dedication, and teamwork. From its on-field antics and highly anticipated hugs and high-fives in the stands, Dugout is a fan favorite for visitors from all over the world at the Little League World Series each year.

Kanga - Killeen High School - Killeen, TX

Connecting Students Through KANGA Social Media

Finding ways to get information to young people is increasingly difficult in school environments.  Knowing that, the Mascot at Killeen High School in Killeen, Texas, wanted to get students connected to the school, as well as the community. Kanga began a student-run Instagram account to engage the students at Killeen High School socially and connect them to school activities. The account on Instagram, @kangatheroo_, focuses on promoting school events and activities, highlighting opponent mascots, supporting the band at marching competition, creating visually appealing posts to focus attention on that week’s opponent and #ThrowbackThursdays where stories highlight alumni mascots. Kanga supports all student organizations on campus and through this account the students are getting plugged into school and the community is taking notice. There has been an influx of student attendance at sporting events, band concerts, and alumni support.

The account encourages respectful and positive interactions as well as promoting inclusivity and diversity within the Killeen High School community. Using social media, Kanga has connected members of the local community back to the campus and activities.  Engaging with students on social media has been a fantastic way to build a sense of community and school pride.

Best In-Game Routine or Skit

An in-game routine or skit that the mascot performs during the sporting event for the team or school. It could be a single routine/skit or a series of the same routine/skit that is performed all season long.

Jaxson de Ville - Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

Jaxson's Leap

Jaxson’s pre-game stunt off the light towers at TIAA Bank Field is the most unique and incredible way to get Jaguars’ fans hyped up and excited for kickoff. Standing nearly 200 feet above the field, the first time fans catch a glimpse of Jaxson is moments before this iconic stunt where you may see a giant swan dive, a double backflip, or gainer into an unbelievable bungie / zipline ride high above the crowd. Not only does Jaxson perform this at home games in Jacksonville, but also had the opportunity to be the only mascot to replicate it at the iconic Wembley and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England. A vote for Jaxson’s stunt as the best “In-Game Routine or Skit” is a no brainer as it is a tradition that has been around for nearly a decade that even opposing team fans make the trip to Jacksonville just to see it in person.


Chico - El Paso Chihuahuas (MiLB)

Chaos in the Ballpark: Dog vs Squirrel

The legendary battle between dog and squirrel are the stories of pet lore. Picture this: our star, Chico, the 7-foot Chihuahua, entering a grand pursuit during our Bark at the Park game. The plan was simple but oh-so-effective: squirrel-chasing madness! Chico dashed across the outfield grass ready for a confrontation. Alas, little did our canine hero know, this squirrel was practically the Usain Bolt of the rodent world, zigzagging like a caffeinated cheetah. The chase was a roller-coaster of emotions, with Chico's ego taking a tumble as he stumbled over his own paws. Yet, against all odds, in the end, Chico emerged victorious, claiming his throne atop the triumphant squirrel. The moral of the story? In the world of in-game skits, you just have to stick to the classics like dogs versus squirrels. It's a “tail” as old as time! 

Aubie - Auburn University

Every Auburn Football game day, Aubie provides entertainment for thousands of fans with his in-game skits. He is constantly coming up with fresh ideas to engage and captivate the audience. With his goofy antics, hilarious costumes, and “Aubie-sized” props, Aubie often draws more attention than the game itself. He has even been known to win over the hearts of the opposing team’s fans. Aubie strives to provide fans with an elevated game day experience. For this skit, Aubie channeled his inner Panda to teach some fans about the art of Kung Fu.

Aubie, Auburn University's tiger mascot, is in his 45th season as a spirit leader and goodwill ambassador for Auburn University. A popular character among Auburn fans and one of the most animated mascots in the country, Aubie is the living spirit of Auburn.

Benjamin Beaver - Beaver Dam High School, Beaver Dam WI

A Speedy Suspect

Benjamin Beaver has a great relationship with the staff and security who work at the home games. He uses props and playful interaction during time-outs to not distract but to enhance the experience. In this skit, Officer Tony Karel gets a rousing response from the student body as he deals with a "speedy suspect".



Best Video Short

A produced video featuring the mascot. This video could be used online, on social, or at a live event. Videos should be judged on originality, creativity, and entertainment value. Does not have to be sport related.

Jazz Bear - Utah Jazz (NBA)


Dare Bear.. Rope Swing

Instagram Video Link

Sprocket - Rocket City Trash Pandas (MiLB)

Sprocket’s Vacation Home

Sprocket enjoyed a wonderful off-season full of rest and relaxation, but now it was time to get back to work! This was a video we ran as a commercial and on social media in the couple of weeks leading up to our opening home-stand to give the fans a glimpse into Sprocket’s life behind-the-scenes and get them excited for the season to begin! Of course, he loves to hang out in a trash can as all Trash Pandas do!

Aubie - Auburn University

Rolling Toomer's Corner

The Auburn Family loves keeping up with their favorite tiger – Aubie! Aubie stays connected with his fans across the world and in the community through multiple social media platforms. He loves to share his fun and mischievous personality with over 300,000 followers through engaging videos and skits.

For this video, Aubie shared his love and passion for one of Auburn’s most well-known traditions - rolling Toomer’s Corner. Toomer’s Corner is famous for its big oak trees that are rolled with toilet paper after Auburn victories! Preparing for the season ahead, Aubie shared with his fans how he stocks up on an abundance of toilet paper, making sure he has enough to go around for everyone.

Aubie, Auburn University's tiger mascot, is in his 45th season as a spirit leader and goodwill ambassador for Auburn University. A popular character among Auburn fans and one of the most animated mascots in the country, Aubie is the living spirit of Auburn.

Buzz Jacket - Fort Mill High School

I’m back and better than ever!”

Our mascot suffered an “injury” over the summer which required surgery, it was all part of his transition from our old mascot to our new mascot. This video short shows the transition to our new Buzz Jacket.

Best College Live Animal Program

Specific to live animal mascot programs at the collegiate levels, including all NCAA Divisions and NAIA programs. The program that best embodies its university or school and positively enhances the institutions mission.

Ralphie - University of Colorado

Live buffaloes made appearances at Colorado games on and off throughout the early years, usually in a pen on the field or sometimes driven around in a trailer. In the 1940s, the school kept a baby buffalo in a special pen at the University Riding Academy. The first named buffalo was "Mr. Chips," who appeared for the first time at the 1957 CU Days Kickoff Rally and was cared for by a men's honorary society.

In 1966 the Student Body Government decided that the University of Colorado Boulder needed a full time live buffalo mascot. Freshman Class Officer Bill Lowery talked to his father who purchased and donated the original "Ralphie" to Colorado in March of 1966.

Ralphie first appeared on the sidelines of a football game on October 1, 1966. Colorado beat Kansas State 10-0. Around that same time, head football coach Eddie Crowder was approached with the idea of the buffalo charging out on the field before the game, the team closely following. After much discussion, the debut of this great tradition took place on September 16, 1967. Colorado beat Baylor 27-7. Ever since then Ralphie has been leading the way as the football team takes the field.

Best College Live Human Program

Specific to live human mascot programs at the collegiate levels, including all NCAA Divisions and NAIA programs. The program that best embodies its university or school and positively enhances the institutions mission.

The Leprechaun - Notre Dame University

The Notre Dame Leprechaun became recognized as the official mascot of the University of Notre Dame in 1966, six years after it was introduced as a complement to its equally mischievous predecessor, the Irish Terrier. Until nearly a decade ago, those who portrayed the clever green character were required to grow a chinstrap beard and be under a certain height, which limited the role to male students for most of the Leprechaun’s history. Now, the position is open to any student who exhibits the ideals they are called to represent: zeal and passion for the University of Notre Dame and all that it stands for. Considered an arm of the Notre Dame Cheerleading Team, the Leprechaun is unique compared to other live human mascots in that those who portray it also define the character in doing so. Typically, there are four students in any given year chosen to don the infamous green suit, and each Leprechaun is distinct from the next: Leprechaun Colin is much more intense than Leprechaun Ryan, similar to how Leprechaun Kylee is often more mischievous than Leprechaun McKenna. Those who portray the Leprechaun role are called to embody a unique Irish spirit with an authentic history and a meaning rooted deeper than race alone. For these reasons, the Leprechaun possesses an unparalleled sense of humanity which allows the role to serve a higher purpose – that of the University’s mission – in every game, event, and appearance.

Voters should consider casting their ballot for the Leprechaun as both an appreciation of this authenticity and as a means of advancing the mission of the University of Notre Dame. Upon his arrival in 1842 to this place which we now call home, school founder Fr. Edward R. Sorin, C.S.C. wrote to his Congregation of Holy Cross brothers in France remarking, “This college cannot fail to succeed… It will be one of the most powerful means for good in this country.” TheLeprechaun program strives to be a “powerful means for good” in the fulfillment of every responsibility associated with the role. As the present day ambassadors for this vision, the Leprechaun is entrusted with seeing to its fruition, not only within the confines of campus, but even more importantly, out in the world. The Leprechaun leverages its unique capabilities as a live human mascot to maintain a special relationship with the Notre Dame community. This connection is evident through means as small as the bonds formed every game with the volleyball season ticket holders in Section 10 of Purcell Pavilion or the smiles from the 2nd grade classroom on a surprise visit to their elementary school. Likewise, this connection is equally as evident through larger means such as the lifelong memories created from an appearance abroad in Ireland for the annual Notre Dame vs. Navy game or the roar of a thousand fans as Lee Corso, accompanied by the Leprechaun, walks onto the stage of College Gameday fully donning the infamous green suit and hat. Underlying all these experiences is a desire to build up the cohesive Notre Dame identity shared by all individuals who have had the blessing of interacting with this special place. The Leprechaun program continually works to strengthen the unique bond it shares with the Notre Dame community as both ambassadors of the University and stewards of its mission. It is the program’s hope that it may use the Mascot Hall of Fame’s platform to amplify these efforts and, in doing so, continue itself to be a “means of doing good” for our world. All Notre Dame Leprechauns, past, present, and future are incredibly appreciative of this opportunity and are thankful for the fans who make this possible through their votes and continued support. Go Irish!

Corporate Best Use of Brand

Specific to corporate mascots where corporations use their mascot to positively enhance their brand to the public.

Diamond - Diamond Pet Services

Diamond is our beloved mascot and inspiration behind opening up Diamond Pet Services this past year. She enhances our brand by spreading joy in creating unforgettable moments for both people and animals.
With her playful, loving and friendly demeanor, she embodies the companies commitment to providing exceptional pet care services. Diamond’s presence at events and in the community showcases the brands dedication to building meaningful connections and fostering, a positive pet-owner relationship.
Diamonds impact goes beyond, just being a mascot her resilience shines through even in the face of challenges like her seizures. Despite this, she continues to bring joy and comfort to countless lives.
Diamond’s strength and unwavering spirit is displayed as she overcomes these obstacles. Let’s rally together and give Diamond the recognition she deserves.
Vote for Diamond and experience the magic she brings to the world of pets! Let her light shine bright like a Diamond!

Best Independent Program

Specific to mascots not affiliated with a professional sports team, college, high school, or corporation. Mascot program that sets itself apart in all that it does as compared against its peers and other affiliated programs.



The YoJo Show!

YoJo’s claim to fame is that he is the star of the most successful mascot-based school assembly program – Ever! He has performed over 4,700 “Hilariously Educational” assembly programs to students nationwide. (Over 50 shows just this past October!)

YoJo’s enormous popularity among elementary schools is because he uses top-notch mascot comedy routines to teach important lessons on Reading, Health & Fitness, Test-taking strategies, and Anti-bullying skills.

Vote YoJo for best independent mascot and visit to learn more about this fuzzy phenom!