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Hootie the Hustlin’ Owl

Team: Oregon Institute of Technology

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Hootie the Hustlin’ Owl has been the official mascot of Oregon Tech since his debut in 1983. Whether it’s high-flying stunts such as skydiving and ziplining, OWL-ectrifying dance and acrobatic skills, becoming an honorary Dutch Bros employee, or pie-ing the school president in the face, this bird is the ultimate college student and supplier of silliness.

When not working out or cheering on his team, he participates in local events such as Klamath Cares: Klamath Reads, which promotes literacy by providing new books to hundreds of second graders, as well as Graduation Motivation to encourage high school seniors (t-shirt cannon included). He has even lobbied at the Oregon State Capital to help fund higher education, becoming an honorary Speaker of the House for the day.

Hootie attends many student-led events to support fellow classmates and makes occasional appearances traveling across the country. Does he always bring the party? AbsoHOOTly!


  • ABC News Nightline
  • The Oregon Lottery
  • The Parachutist Magazine
  • AFV Animals – Unique Mascots
  • The Herald and News
  • ABC NewsWatch12


  • Dave Raymond’s Mascot Boot Camp (2023)
  • Higher Impact Entertainment Mascot Champion 2023
  • Cascade Collegiate Conference Mascot of the Year 2014, 2018

Fun Facts:

  • The Student Section at Oregon Tech is called “Hootie’s Hooligans”
  • Hootie has sported many different designs throughout the years, most notably in 2023
  • Prior to Hootie, Oregon Tech had tested several owl mascots, including a live owl and a rally head in 1971 nicknamed “Otis”
  • Hootie’s middle name is Technology
  • Since Oregon Tech was founded as “Oregon Vocational School” for post-WWII veterans, Hootie is a former Air Force vet, and has two older brothers, Screechy (marines) and Barney (army)
  • Hootie’s celebrity idol is John Cena
  • Hootie’s jersey number is 47, the year his school opened