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Looie the Lookout

Team: Chattanooga Lookouts

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Looie was born in the forest of nearby Lookout Mountain. From an early age Looie loved baseball, people and having loads of fun. He soon made his way down from Lookout Mountain and made a home at Engel Stadium. In 2001 he packed up his favorite toys and moved to AT&T Field as the team’s Director of Fun. Come out to a game and you can see Looie drag the infield, dance to his favorite song ‘Louie, Louie,’ throw balls to his cheering fans in the stands, sign autographs, take pictures and have a blast with all his friends. When the Lookouts are on the road he spends his days lounging in the outfield, attending birthday parties so he can eat more cake and putting smiles on the faces of patients at the local hospitals.