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Sammy The Slug

Team: University of California, Santa Cruz

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Our famous Sammy Slug (they, them, theirs) has slimy roots on the Redwood forest floor dating back to 1986. As UC Santa Cruz assumed its role as a budding research institute, Sammy was scooped up as a test subject for a project studying the growing capacity of mollusks. A mishap at the laboratory caused Sammy to not only multiply rapidly in size, but also to grow arms and legs. Sammy, in their new form, escaped the lab in the middle of the night to return to their home, a small space in the forest floor on the campus of UC Santa Cruz. When Sammy got home, they found that the abode would no longer function considering their new, growing size.

At the same time of the confidential laboratory mishap, UC Santa Cruz students were leading a grassroots campaign to make the Banana Slug the official mascot for campus. The students and researchers together found Sammy Slug and offered them the role as the official UC Santa Cruz mascot. Now, Sammy loves to cheer for and meet other Banana Slugs everywhere!