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Team: Houston Texans

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TORO has been the official mascot of the Houston Texans since his debut in 2001. Whether it’s his high flying stunts, hilarious hi-jinks on social media or being the conductor of the crowd at Texans home games, TORO has proven to be one of the top mascots in all of professional sports. TORO has quickly become one of the most followed mascots on social media after the success of his many prank videos, which has led to a combined following of 1.5 million followers. The Texans mascot has been selected to the NFL Pro Bowl 11 times. For the 355 days a year that aren’t Gameday, TORO’s focus is on making a significant impact on the Houston community through his elementary school programs, visits to Texans community partners and more. TORO makes 400 appearances throughout the year all over Houston, the state of Texas, the United States and even around the world (Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, England and more)!

NFL Mascot of the Year: 2020 (The award is voted on by all 26 NFL mascots at the NFL Mascot Summit each year and given to the NFL mascot who achieved the highest success overall. TORO was selected for these awards based on his ability to adapt and innovate during the 2020 season including a strong gameday presence, social media presence and community impact. Most notably, TORO innovated the concept of virtual classroom visits at the start of the pandemic, which impacted nearly 10,000 area students through 200 virtual classroom visits and was quickly adapted by sports mascots across the country.)

  • NFL Mascot Anchor in the Community: 2020
  • NFL Mascot Stunt of the Year: 2016 and 2022
  • NFL Mascot Video of the Year: 2022
  • 11 X Pro Bowler
  • 3rd most followed US sports mascot on social media (via

Follow TORO on Twitter – @TexansTORO1

** Appeared on the 2023 Ballot

New Toro