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Wild Wing

Team: Anaheim Ducks

Mascot Type:

Born in 1993, Wild Wing welcomed the fans in the franchise’s inaugural year by descending from the arena rafters, the first of its kind! A talented goaltender, his goalie mask can be recognized throughout the world and his on-ice skills have been featured in the NHL All-Star Mascot Showcase.

As fans enter Honda Center, they are welcomed by a towering bronze statue of Wild Wing and are sure to run into him throughout the concourse. An Orange County Icon, he has appeared on-stage with legendary punk rock band, The Offspring, and even can be seen donning custom orange Vans shoes in the first-ever Vans collaboration with a professional sports team.

A staple to Anaheim, Wild Wing represents everything mighty. From his confidence, poise, and boisterous attitude to his ever-so community-loving, family-oriented values, Wild Wing is a duck of the people.

Social Media:

Instagram: @wildwingana

Twitter: @WildWingANA