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Phuzzical Education
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Presented By Centier Bank

Show off your skills in the Department of Phuzzical Education, presented by Centier Bank, with interactive play areas and exhibits where guests can practice their favorite sports!

T-Shirt Shooter Stadium

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Enter T-Shirt Shooter Stadium and compete with friends and family to launch the most t-shirts to the most fans waving in the crowd. Watch out for obstacles and bonus opportunities! Use your giant cannon and take aim with up to four players.

Centier Bank Sports Court

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Experience a variety of sports challenges inside the MHOF Sports Court brought to you by our Founding Partner, Centier Bank! Here, guests can score a touchdown, make a basket, shoot a puck, and more!

Basic Training Center


The Mascot Hall of Fame would not be an interactive, fun zone without the ultimate children’s playground!

Fureshman Orientation

Welcome to Fureshman Orientation! Do you have what it takes to graduate from Mascot University? Let us introduce you to the world of mascots.

Fureshman Orientation Theater

Before beginning the journey through “Mascot U”, students and museum guests are encouraged to stop inside the Fureshman Orientation Theater. Here, Reggy tells the story of mascots and his new home, the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana! Don’t miss the show!

Science Of Silliness

Explore the world of mascots like never before. Ever wonder how much force it takes to jump off a mini tramp and dunk a basketball from the 3 point line? Just how hot does it get in there or what is that fur really made of? Guests will find out this and more in the Science of Silliness Lab.

What Does it Weigh?

Feel The Weight

Experience for yourself how it feels to be a mascot! How much do you think it weighs? Here guests will learn more about the different shapes, sizes, and weight distribution of various mascots.

Marvelous Mascot Maker

Mascot Maker

Push buttons and pull levers to fuel the Marvelous Mascot Maker. Discover how your favorite mascots are made, right before your eyes!

Lightheartedness is Heavy

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Join Reggy for a fun workout routine! Try on a weighted vest to see how much harder it is to workout as a mascot! Take your pulse with the heart rate monitor before and after the workout to see how a simple dance routine can increase your heart rate.

Fit To Be Funny


Players compete to see who is Fit to be Funny! Choose from 4 unique mascots and race against your friend to see who can complete the sprint first. Make the right food and drink choices that will get you to the finish line before your opponent. Watch out for sugar crashes!

Mascot Studies

Sure, the world of mascots is full of fun and games! But, there is also a lot for Mascot University students to learn about in the Department of Mascot Studies. Who says studying can’t be fun?

Where Are They From?

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Compete against your friend to see who can match the most mascots to their hometown! Drag mascots onto their proper location on a U.S. map. With over 101 possible mascots, perhaps you’ll spot some of your favorites!

Mascot Moments

Mascot Moments

You may know your favorite mascots on the field, at the arena, or on the court, but do you know that many other special moments they’ve helped create? We’ve captured many of them for you! Watch for yourself inside the Mascot Moments Theater.

Brushes With Greatness

Mascot History

Interested in memorable mascot moments? You’ll find them here in the Brushes with Greatness exhibit. Keep an eye out for everchanging, iconic moments created by the mascots we all know and love.

Through History

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Take a journey through the history of mascots from the beginning of their time until now, and of course, all the furry-fun facts in between!

Furry Arts

The Department of Furry Arts is home to some of the Hall’s most colorful and unique, exhibits and experiences. Here is where guests can let their imaginations run wild as they create their own mascots, and even perform as them!

Become a Mascot

Design A Mascot

Design your very own unique mascot and send your creation home! Combine a variety of mascot parts and accessories to create a brand new mascot. With over a billion possible combinations, your mascot will truly be one of a kind!

Design a Mascot

Create Your Own

In the Design-A-Mascot area, YOU are the designer. Find your seat at one of the MHOF drawing stations and unleash your creativity! Perhaps your mascot will appear in the Hall one day.

Dr. Frankfurstein's Mascots

IMG 3069

Heads up! Our mascot friends have been “frankfursteined”. We will need your help to undo Dr. Frankfurstein’s work. Choose from fur, eyes, heads, arms, and more parts to put the mascots back together properly!

Mascot Lab

Become A Mascot

The Become A Mascot exhibit offers a 3d face-mapping experience where you can select wacky accessories to become your very own mascot. You can send your selfie home to share your mascot persona with your friends and family!

Strut Your Stuff - Mascot Audition


You may know your favorite mascots on the field, at the arena, or on the court, but do you know that many other special moments they’ve helped create? We’ve captured many of them for you! Watch for yourself inside the Mascot Moments Theater.

Textile Touch

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Experience the FEEL of a mascot. At the Textile Touch exhibit, guests will use the Fur Selector to get a better feel for what it’s really like to be one of our furry friends.


IMG 1515

Have you visited a Build-A-Bear Workshop®? Then, you will LOVE Build-A-Mascot! The MHOF has it’s very own Build-A-Bear Workshop® on the 2nd floor, offering Build-A-Bear™ favorites and accessories to choose from. Create a furry friend to take home with you. You can even build your very own Reggy!

The City of Whiting is located on the south shore of Lake Michigan, with scenic lakefront views of downtown Chicago. Midway Airport, the South Side of Chicago, and Downtown Chicago are all located within a 30-minute drive of Whiting. For more information about the City of Whiting, please visit WhitingIndiana.com.