Youppi!, the Expos’ mascot since 1979, was left without a family when the baseball club headed south of the border to Washington following the 2004 season. Having grown up in Quebec, Youppi! chose to stay home, a place where he’d made thousands of friends both young and old for over 30 years. As a free-agent mascot, he was thrilled at the possibility of joining the Canadiens, which would allow him to continue in his role working the crowds in a new home, but in the company of the many friends he’d made over the years.

With that, on September 16, 2005, Youppi! wrote two new pages of history in the same day, becoming the first mascot to work in two separate professional sports leagues as well as the first official mascot of the Canadiens in their 96 years of existence. He solidified his place on the team on October 18 of that same year when he worked the first hockey game of his career

  • Birthplace: Montreal
  • Acquired: September 16, 2005
  • Team: Montreal Canadiens
  • Position: Mascot
  • Height: Too furry to tell
  • Weight: Tons of fun
  • Number: !
  • Years Pro: 40
  • Shoots Left and right: Ambidextrous
  • Favourite colors:
  • Red, White blue and orange!
  • Only Mascot to perform in the MLB and NHL
  • 40 years of service
  • Only mascot to be ejected of an MLB game

VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: Recap of 40 years of career